High acid levels in the body are not a good thing because it causes heartburn, inflammation, dyspepsia and ulcer. These high acid levels can cause the pH level of the body to decrease which puts risk to your immunity and having many illnesses.

Here are the six signs of high acid in the body.

1. Decreased Bone Health

Having high acid levels in the body prevents mineral and calcium penetrating the bones that’s why if you always have some injuries or other bone problems, it may be because of your acid levels.

2. Teeth Problem

Another bad result when having low pH level is demineralization of the teeth which causes sensitive teeth and other teeth problems.

3. Fatigue

Weak immune system is susceptible to bacteria and viruses and when you have high acid levels you are prone to getting infections which result to low energy and inactivity.

4. Skin Problems

The body has a hard time flushing out toxins and fighting off bacteria when there is a low pH level due to high acid and the skin can get affected by this. You can get allergies, rashes and other skin irritations when you have a weakened immunity due to high acid in the body.

5. Obesity

There’s excess waste in the form of acid in your body if you have low pH and this acid hides in the fats cells which makes it hard for you to lose weight.

6. Muscle and Joint Pain

Too much acid in the body can cause muscle and joint pain it prevents proper oxygen circulation and nutrient absorption.

How to Prevent Acid Build-up in the Body

  • Drink 8-10 glasses a day
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid softdrinks, coffee and alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid processed meats and junk foods
  • Chew your foods well


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