Milk and garlic when combined together is an effective natural remedy for many ailments. On their own, milk and garlic already has many healthy benefits but when the two are mixed together; it creates the perfect combination to treat many illnesses. 500mm of milk and ten cloves are prepared together with 250mm of boiled water and 3 tsp of sugar. This mix can fight off many diseases. You may ask why is this mix effective. Below is a list of Illnesses that Milk and Garlic Mixture can cure.

• Asthma and Pneumonia

First, garlic is already a known anti-asthma and anti-pneumonia natural remedy but when combines with milk, the effect for the illness will happen quickly.

• Jaundice

The cause of having Jaundice can be because there is too much toxin in the body. Garlic is a powerful substance that can flush out toxins from the liver. It activates the good enzymes in the liver so it can function properly. On the other hand, milk can also help the liver from having further damage that’s why when these two is combined together, it will help for a better liver function.

• Arthritis, Chest Problems and Insomnia

Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that when mixed with milk will not only heal the joints but also relaxes the whole body. This is the same for chest problems and insomnia where the mixture acts as a relaxant to help soothe the body and mind for an overall well-being.

• Cardiovascular Diseases

Garlic can defend the body from high cholesterol problems. It can relax the nerves to prevent it from clogging and hardening. It helps in dissolving cholesterol int the blood. The combination of milk and garlic can prevent clogging and clotting.

• Reproductive System and Bile Function

Milk and Garlic as a natural remedy will help men and women to have a proper functioning reproductive system. The allicin and selenium of garlic is needed for the secretion of bile which dissolves the fat that builds-up in the liver. Having enough allicin and selenium will help the liver detoxification process of the body.

• Stomach Complications

Having a weakened immune system can bring lots of problems for the stomach. Garlic and milk mixture can give out antiseptic properties to the stomach which can boost the immune system to produce healthy digestive juices in the stomach which aids in proper digestion and prevent other stomach diseases.

• Central Nervous System

Garlic and milk mixture can helps in the prevention of the Central Nervous System complications like sciatica. The anti-bacterial properties of garlic and relaxing properties of milk can help various CNS complications.

Milk and garlic mixture can really help in promoting a healthy body and mind. It’s effective, cheap and there are no side effects.


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