It’s always been said that you should always take good care of your body. It’s your wealth so to speak. But of course, there are times that health problems occur even if you don’t really want it to. After all, who would want to be sick; unable to do anything and having to spend money on high cost of medicines and consultations? Medical tests and procedures are also very costly. But in this fast moving way of life nowadays, most people tend to forget to take extra care for the body. These are the common health conditions brought by over working but are usually just ignored;


What is Spasm?

This is a nerve condition that causes shivers, shaking and unusual perspiration. It can bring pain in the body which can become fatal when it is ignored.
Sometimes, you get so busy with work that you tend to forget the value of your health until it’s just too late. After coming home from the office, you have to allow your body to rest for a while before heading to the bathroom or having contact with cold water.

What is Relapse?

This is a condition that occurs when after getting better from a certain illness, you go to work at once or your body was forced to do something heavy. One fatal relapse is that of a woman who just gave birth. She can suffer from mental illness and worse, it can even lead to her demise.
When you have been from flu or any sickness or even operation, make sure that you give your body ample time to heal. In this way, having a relapse will not occur and you can spare yourself from the harmful results it may bring.

What is Body Colds?

This brings pain in the body. This is caused by over exposure to air or if you’re usually sit or stand near an air conditioner or even an electric fan and the air emitted goes straight into your body.
You can avoid this if you will place a good distance from the air conditioner or electric fan at home or in the office.
All of the three health conditions mentioned above may be treated with over the counter prescription at the early onset but as you all know, these medicines will eventually bring harmful side-effects. Your ancestors have a different way of treating these conditions in the past. You can also try them to avoid the ill effects of over the counter medicines and it can also, save you a lot of money.


• Coconut juice – ½ liter
• Coconut meat
• Roasted corn – ¼ cup
• Roasted rice – ¼ cup
• Pomelo leaves – 10
• Sambong leaves – 10
• Sampaloc leaves – 10
• Avocado leaves – 10
• Oregano leaves – 10
• Kamias leaves – 10
• Mango Leaves – 10
• Guyabano Leaves – 10
• Guava Leaves – 10


• Thoroughly wash and clean all the leaves.
• Put all the leaves in a pot then add the roasted rice and corn and coconut juice and meat.
• Place the pot in medium to high heat then allow boiling for thirty minutes.
• Wear a jacket, socks, bonnet and jogging pants.
• Prepare a clean blanket.
• Close the door and all the windows in your bedroom.
• Once the mixture is ready place the pot inside your bedroom; leaving the cover half-opened.
• Wrap yourself with the blanker and lie down near the pot; give enough space so as not to touch it and get burned.
• Inhale all the smoke that comes from the pot.
• Allow yourself to be soaked in perspiration and when the water cools down, unwrap the blanket from your body then change into a new set of clothes.


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