Oregano is a herb that is usually seen in your kitchen. It’s one of the top choices among the herbs that are used in cooking. It is used to add flavor and enhance the taste of your dish. This herb is usually taken dry but if it’s eaten fresh, you will all the more enjoy it better. Not too many people know that Oregano isn’t just an ordinary herb and its purpose is not just for your food. Oregano has a lot of health benefits whether it is taken topically or orally.


You can even create your own tea made from Oregano to enjoy its benefits fully. It can even be taken daily to ensure that your body gets all the benefits of this herb.

Benefits of Oregano

1. Detoxify the Body

According to recent studies, it showed that Oregano can serve as an antioxidant. It can detoxify the liver thus flushing out the toxins inside it. For a more powerful result, try to detoxify regularly so you can enjoy the benefits of oregano.

2. Inflammation

Oregano contains an excellent property that can relieve your body from inflammation. It also contains Vitamins, B6, C, E and K aside from magnesium, iron, copper and calcium. These vitamins will aid in keeping the muscles and bones stronger. This herb also allows your body to fight against other inflammatory conditions.

3. Bones

Bones tend to get weaker as the years add up in your life. They get brittle and gets broken easily. If you have not prepared for it in your younger days by taking calcium supplements, the bones will deteriorate as you age. Oregano contains iron and calcium which are both very important in making your bones stronger. It can also protect the body from arthritis and osteoporosis.

4. Skin

Unknown to many, oregano is about twenty times stronger than any other herb. It even surpasses the benefits that fruits give the body. The component of oregano helps in the prevention of body and skin aging. So consuming oregano leaves can keep your skin looking fresh and young aside from keeping the body feeling young all the time.


How to make the Oregano Tea

Drinking Oregano tea will be more beneficial to your body. You just need about three teaspoons of oregano; make sure that it’s fresh. Boil water in a pot then put the leaves of the oregano inside and allow it to boil. Leave it to cool down for ten minutes and it will be ready to drink. You can put the remaining tea in the fridge to avoid getting

Of course, it is still up to you as to what manner you would want to consume oregano. What’s important is that you make sure that the health benefits will be taken in by your body. So, instead of resorting to over the counter medicines, vitamins and minerals, why not try this powerful herb instead and you will surely be amazed with its result. This way, you will be able to avoid the ill effects of prescription medicines.


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