Do you like to take a bath after a tiring day? This is common in many people because working and other forms of activities can make you sweat and you will feel tired from it. You feel refreshed when you take a bath and you feel relaxed too. There’s a problem though if you continue to do that. It can cause havoc to your health. This is what happened to a 28-year old man who suffered pain of the thoracic spine and left chest. It became swollen having 9X7 cm of the posterolateral aspect of his chest. He experienced this for 6 months.

A Facebook page shares the story of the guy. The post talks about the guy not having any prior medical problem but there is a swollen part of his dorso-lateral side of the left chest wall. The Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Department of Civil Hospital is where they diagnosed him. They say he has a tumor at his left chest wall when they did CT scan.

And the reason for this they say is because he likes he like to take a bath when he is tired. Physicians say that cold water bath after activities can result to health problems so before you run fast to the bathroom after a long day, think very hard. It’s doesn’t mean you won’t take a bath but you have to let your body rest first before doing so if you want to take care of your health.

You also must avoid doing eye activities like reading or watching TV before taking a bath because that’s also bad for your health. Just rest your entire body first before you take a bath to be sure you won’t get sick in the future.


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