Cucumber is a green-skinned elongated vegetable that people used in salads but did you know that beside its crispy texture and cool taste, cucumber also have lots of vitamins and minerals that scientists consider beneficial to the human body?

Due to these nutrients found in cucumber, different kinds of health benefits have been listed and proven effective when you add cucumber in your diet.


Here are some of those plus additional info about cucumber.

Skin Hydration and Detoxification Process

Cucumber consists mostly of water. Its water content is as high as 95% and water is said to have great effects on the skin. It moisturizes the skin giving a youthful glow. It also keeps the skin well-hydrated. Its water content also helps the body flush out toxins.

Weight Loss Process

Think about it, if you eat a lot of cucumbers and lessen your fatty and sweet intake; you will definitely lose weight. Sweet, salty and fatty foods have high calorie count that’s why people who can’t control their cravings gain a lot of weight but cucumber does the opposite because its fiber and water content will have you flushing out toxins and burning fat in no time.

Bad Breath Reduction

Bad breath is cause by bacterias found in the tongue and mouth and cucumber’s antibacterial properties can help eradicate those monsters. Just take a slice of cucumber and put it inside your mouth for under a minute. Do it regularly until stinky breath fades away.

Here’s how to consume Cucumber

There are many brilliant ways to use cucumber in your diet. First, you can put it in your salad which is the most common. You can put it in a glass of cold water and let it stay there while you drink your water.

You can put it in sandwiches and salsas or you can eat it as it is.

Cucumber is also effective in reducing cholesterol levels, preventing headaches, maintenance of sugar levels in the body, stimulates better digestion, joint pain relief, gives a natural shine to the hair and controls blood pressure.


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