The rise of Cell phones has revolutionalized the way of living to many people around the world. Someone’s life isn’t complete without checking his/her phone if there’s a new message or notifications. There are different electronic companies from different countries trying to climb the number one spot in terms of sales and innovations. New designs flood the market and people can’t help but buy new ones because of their high-tech features. These features are what keep people saving up and even borrowing money so that they can buy.


But, with all its benefits also come the disadvantages. Cell phones being the main form of communication these days can become a health hazard to it users. Many people are already raising their eyebrows about the safety of Cell phones. Several health authorities including World Health Organization (WHO) are still mum about the harmful effects of using Cell phones. The National Cancer Institute however is speaking about it. First there are claims that Cell phones can emit RF or radio frequency which is a kind of radiation harmful to the human body. The radiation comes from the antenna and the part of the body that comes in close contact with it is in danger.


In the last month of 2014, an estimated 327.5 million people are Smartphone subscribers in the United States alone. This is according to Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. Cell phone usage is dramatically increasing as time goes by.

So what is really the bad effect of RF? RF is a form of electromagnetic radiation and can be divided into two categories which are ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. X-rays and cosmic rays which are sometimes attributed to people getting cancer give out ionizing radiations and radon has it. Non-ionizing radiation which has low frequency and includes radio frequency and power frequency only has low frequency energies. The types of these are microwave oven and cell phones. Because of the low frequency, it is said that it has no effects on risks of cancer. But, there are still other health risks involved like eye strains, germs, cancer, and accidents.


Here is a detailed explanation for these health risks.

• Accidents

This may be one of the common health hazards of using a cell phone because when you’re too busy listening to music, playing games, and talking to someone; it will be easy to get into an accident.

• Cancer

While there is no concrete evidence that cell phones can cause cancer, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Minimize the use of cell phone as much as you can.

• Eyestrain

The eyes can be sensitive to light and your eyes can get hurt by using your Smartphone because it’s too bright. You’ll feel a sting which is a sign that your eyes is already at risk. So what to do? You need to rest your eyes to make sure it can recuperate from the exposure to the brightness of your Smartphone. Remember to always take a break when you use your Smartphone.

• Germs

Your cell phone can pick a lot of germs because you place it almost anywhere and that means getting germs. Most of the time, your hands are also dirty so that’s also a venue for germs and when your phone has germs, it means it can be transferred to you so the best thing you can do is to always wash up and find ways to boost your immunity.

Using cell phone is making everyone happier than ever but remember that there are also downsides to it. If you feel like you’re getting sick because of your sell phone then maybe it’s time you put it down for a while and do something else for a change.


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