Do you know that obesity is one of the culprits of several health issues? Obesity is the result of a chemical and hormonal imbalance that may cause skin problems. Obese people most likely are suffering from bulging veins on their legs due to the strain of weight.

Skin infections may also appear in obese people especially when the moisture is trapped between skin folds. If left unattended, the rashes may lead to painful crusting.

Other skin problems related to obesity are the following:

  • Acanthosis Nigricans


Obese people are commonly experiencing Acanthosis Nigricans. It is a skin condition manifested by grey or black plaques or patches on the skin. Acanthosis Nigricans frequently appear on skin folds in the abdomen, armpits, and neck. The high level of insulin in obese people triggers the appearance of patches.

To treat this skin condition, the first thing to do is to treat first obesity. To alleviate the condition, you can employ some remedies such as scrubbing the skin when taking a bath, taking supplements like flax seed oil, and applying AHA creams. In the case of skin lesions, medication or topical creams is administered.

  • Calluses and corns

It is very common for obese people to have corns and calluses on their feet. A callus is a thick skin that grows on the feet. It is harmless but should prevent infection to develop. On the other hand, a corn is a form of callus that appears on the skin surfaces that are hairless. These skin issues appear due to the body weight that an obese individual is carrying. With this, it’s important to address obesity immediately.

  • Skin Tags


Another skin problem that appears as a result of obesity is skin tags or Acrochordons. If you see small protrusions on your skin, that are skin tags. These are harmless but may cause great discomfort when being rubbed.

Some people are pulling it up to remove but it is not a safe solution as it can cause further injury. The best thing to do is to consult a dermatologist to rule out the best solution.

  • Skin infections


Skin infections are very common among many obese people. It’s because the bacteria, fungi, and yeast love to harbor in the skin folds. The infection grows fast in a warm and moist area, thus eventually form abscesses in the affected area.

To treat the skin infection, you should consult a doctor and ask for prescription medication. You should also keep the infected area sweat-free and dry.

Aside from those skin conditions discussed above, other problems that may develop caused by obesity include chronic venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and psoriasis. It can be challenging to treat obesity and skin issues at the same time. Therefore, it is essential for obese people to maintain good personal hygiene.


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