The experience of a woman having her menstruation not a good one especially if she experiences dysmenorhea. Heavy days can make her sluggish and moody. If you are one of the women who have bad experiences with your monthly period then you must read this to learn what you should avoid to take care of yourself when you have menstruation.


  1. Avoid Using Only One Sanitary Napkin the Whole Day


It’s important to keep your hygiene in check and that means changing your napkin and washing your vaginal area at least every 3 hours when you have menstruation to avoid infections.

2. Don’t Do Strenuous Activities

Having your monthly period can make you weak that’s why it’s advisable to rest a lot during this period. Don’t do any exercise or heavy lifting because that’s bad for you.

3. Don’t Pluck Your Hair

Menstruation is a stressful time for a woman because it’s painful and adding more pain when you pluck your hair will just put you in a bad mood. Additionally don’t engage in teeth extraction or waxing activities during this time.

4. Don’t Engage in Unprotected Sexual Intercourse

Your vaginal area is vulnerable to infection when you have menstruation and having unprotected sexual intercourse can result to infection so it’s best to postpone it or use a condom.

5. Avoid Skipping Meals


You need proper nutrients when you have menstruation because you are releasing blood from your body making your body weak. Eat foods like vegetables, meat, fish and fruits.

6. Don’t Eat During the Late Hours of the Evening

Don’t give in to your cravings during the late hours because it can cause indigestion which makes menstruation harder for you. Control your cravings and sleep instead of eating during these times.

7. Avoid Dairy Products

Eating dairy products when you have menstruation can cause stiffness of stomach area and menstrual cramps. Postpone your dairy cravings until your menstruation has passed.


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