Drinking coffee with or without food is tempting and many people do that but it has bad effects on the body that you should know if you are doing it. There are 5 known common side effects of coffee in the body and here are those.


1. Your Stomach Acid Levels Will Increase

Hydrochloric acid can be found in the stomach. It helps burn the foods you eat but if you drink coffee in an empty stomach this acid will increase and it won’t have a good effect on the body. It can cause heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and stomach ulcer.

2. Coffee on an Empty Stomach Can Cause Indigestion

No food intake when drinking coffee means can cause bloating or ulcer. It lessens the capability of the body to boost metabolism because your body is having a hard time digesting foods.

3. You Can Experience Dehydration

Coffee is a known diuretic and drinking it without eating food can give you several trips to the toilet which causes dehydration in the long run. To balance it out, make sure you eat food while drinking coffee or drink coffee when your stomach is full.

4. It can Cause Low Levels of Seratonin

Seratonin is a natural neurotransmitter which your body needs to promote good mood and calm persona. When you drink coffee on an empty stomac, this may cause your stomach to appear full and you might want to skip your breakfast which will lead to your body producing less serotonin.

5. Coffee Also Causes Anxiety

Low Seratonin levels in the body can cause anxiety, restlessness and even depression and this will take a toll on your emotional health which will then result to a bad mood and difficulty in concentrating.

It isn’t really bad to drink coffee. Just remember to drink it when you have a full stomach or you drink it as you eat to make sure that you won’t get any side effects in the long run.


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