The poor functioning of the thyroid glands is associated with health problems like fatigues, obesity, brittle nails, difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, falling hair, dizziness, pain in the joints, infections, dry skin, headaches, coldness of hands and feet, irregular bowel movement and many more. Many of the world’s population credits weight gain to underactive thyroid problems especially in women but a food item as common as coconut oil can help increase thyroid function.

Coconut oil has a sweet, rich and savory taste which makes it good for many food dishes and sweets. It’s easy to find it as many market stalls are selling it and it’s not that expensive. Most of all, it’s very nutritious.

Here’s how coconut oil can promote proper function of the thyroid glands.

Coconut Oil Content

This healthy oil contains stable and saturated fat. This kind of fat doesn’t affect the oxidative processes of the body compared to other oils. It also helps prevent hormone conversion of T4 to T3 and it has lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids which makes it a good oil which can be used as a source of energy for the body and a nourishment for the thyroid glands.

The 50% lauric acid content found in coconut is a kind of rare fat. The body turns the lauric acid to monolauric and this has anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-protozoa properties. It can effectively eradicate viruses and gram-negative bacteria which can cause many illnesses that even result to death.

• Coconut Oil Effect on Metabolism

There has been a study in fat metabolism and insulin resistance in coconut oil. These tests were based on mice which were fed with coconut oil and lard-based diets. The results showed that the medium fatty chain acids found in coconut oil has a unique property where it is small enough that it can penetrate the mitochondria unlike the long chain fatty acids that animals have. Due to this, the medium fatty acids which directly go to the powerhouses of energy can be quickly made into energy which the body needs.

The body needs energy to go about its day to day activities. You may have thyroid problems if you’re always feeling sluggish so your intake of coconut oil which is rich in lauric acid which can be turned into energy by a chemical process can be helpful in burning fats and good metabolism function and help you feeling more motivated to do your work.

How Coconut Oil Can Help with Other Health Conditions

Aside from addressing thyroid problems, coconut oil can also heal inflammation and repair damaged tissue. It can fight off intestinal microorganisms which are the reason for chronic inflammation. That’s because its medium chain fatty acids and monoglycerides have the same components as mother’s milk which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Its lauric acid content can also target other bacteria, yeast, parasites, fungi and viruses and it doesn’t have an ill effect on the gut.

• How to Take Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in many healthy food preparations. The most common is to use it when shallow frying your foods. You can also use it in vegetable curry, baked items like muffins and breads, friend rice, as one of the ingredients in salad dressings and sautéed foods.

• Will Coconut Oil Cure All Illnesses

Coconut oil helps in achieving a healthy body. You need to take your daily dose of this oil along with other supplements to have a body that is functioning well. Use coconut oil when cooking to get its maximum health effects.



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