Having a kidney problem is no joke as it is one of the most vital parts of our body. Our kidney is the one responsible for filtering the harmful toxins in our body.

The following are warning signs that may indicate you have possible kidney problems which you must be fully aware of as well as the simple solutions that you can try to cure this particular health problem.


1. Swelling
People with a kidney problem experience swelling in some parts of their body such as hands, face, and feet. This is caused by water retention in the body and it is much better to have it checked by a physician.

2. Your urine is pinkish and foamy
If your urine becomes pinkish even if you don’t have a monthly period, the tendency is that it might be a sign of infection or kidney stones. Healthy kidneys keep the blood cells in the body by filtering wastes from our blood to create urine. When it’s filtering has been damaged, our blood cells can start to leak out into the urine. Excessive bubbles or foamy urine indicates the presence of protein in the urine – which is not a good thing.

3. Rashes and itchy skin
Our kidney is responsible for removing the toxins in our body and when it is damaged, the wastes inside our body are not effectively removed which results to the dry and itchy skin.

4. Anemia
The kidney makes the hormone called erythropoietin which helps in creating blood. When the kidney is damaged, this can affect the production of this hormone and can lead to low blood count and, eventually, anemia.

5. Poor appetite/ metallic taste
The buildup of toxins as a result of reduced kidney function can lead to poor appetite. The reason behind this is that the toxins that have not been flushed out of our body remains in our mouth which makes the food have a metallic taste.

6. Lower back pain
The kidney is located in our lower back. Feeling pain in this particular part of the body can be a sign of kidney problem.

The following are simple solutions to prevent your kidney from being damaged:

1. Avoid eating salty and sour food

2. Control your blood sugar level

3. Drink plenty of water every day

4. Lessen eating foods rich in protein

5. Avoid using condiments such as soy sauce and fish sauce


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